Welcome to WGTOW.net

Das hier finde ich sehr interessant. So wie ich das verstanden habe vertreten die wgtow ähnliche Ansichten wie ich, auch wenn mir das „women for women“ ein wenig sauer aufstößt.


Women Going Their Own Way (WGTOW.net) is for women who have no interest in male chivalry, and no interest in being damselled or pedestalized.

In place of these inane stereotypes, it’s time for a real movement to transcend them instead of waiting for a faux movement that promised to discard gender assumptions but did little more than entrench them further.

Women Going Their Own Way can be viewed as a counterpart to the Men Going Their Own Way movement, but it is no mere copy. The idea of self-determined men and women, and the phrase ‚go your own way‘ is hundreds of years old, serving as a call to integrity and independence that can’t be limited to one gender or group.

We no longer wish to be held to the ridiculous standard of goddesses, and we don’t need to be seen as damsels in distress. And we sure as…

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