Responding to Rebecca Brink: Because Someone Had to Use Actual Arguments

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Alright, guys–here we go again. I’m once again diving back down into the shark pit to point out the obvious. Now, I already talked about the Women Against Feminism movement that’s been getting more support and backlash over the past couple weeks. To summarize: I was wary as to whether or not the women in the group were being helpful to the cause or just counterproductively simple-minded, but I still gave the general idea my support. I also mentioned that the the overall feminist response to it should have been called out for the shallow, non-analytical, condescending drivel that it was even though it probably would not, given feminism’s often untouchable nature.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was right. I was right because something like this can be posted and actually be seen as a good thing, as something smart and satirical. That link leads…

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Seit ich denken kann wollte ich nur eines: wie die Anderen sein. Und weißt du was? Irgendwann habe ich doch kapituliert. Ich war immer schon ich. Nur mittlerweile bin ich es gern. Meistens zumindest.

Ein Gedanke zu „Responding to Rebecca Brink: Because Someone Had to Use Actual Arguments“

  1. “The only way anyone could disagree with me is if they’re misinformed and ignorant or just downright stupid. If they knew any better, they’d be on my side.”

    Das kennt man ja von den Twitter-Feministinnen.

    „But instead of explaining, you just cry HISTORY and expect it to be enough to justify your behavior now.“


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