Responding to Rebecca Brink: Because Someone Had to Use Actual Arguments

Disorderly Politics

Alright, guys–here we go again. I’m once again diving back down into the shark pit to point out the obvious. Now, I already talked about the Women Against Feminism movement that’s been getting more support and backlash over the past couple weeks. To summarize: I was wary as to whether or not the women in the group were being helpful to the cause or just counterproductively simple-minded, but I still gave the general idea my support. I also mentioned that the the overall feminist response to it should have been called out for the shallow, non-analytical, condescending drivel that it was even though it probably would not, given feminism’s often untouchable nature.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was right. I was right because something like this can be posted and actually be seen as a good thing, as something smart and satirical. That link leads…

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