I am NOT a Feminist. Here’s Why . . .

Bezüglich #WomenAgainstFeminism: Absolut lesenswert.

Disorderly Politics

Yeah. It’s going to be one of those posts. And it’s going to be long winded, so buckle in–I promise to get to the juicy stuff eventually. I am a woman (a black, working class, atheistic woman, to drive home the point of my utter tokenism), and I am not a feminist. Frankly, I find it irritating when people insist that I am. And since not being a feminist is something looked down upon, I decided to make this post to further explain my reasoning. I’m laying down my cards, so to speak, providing the different point of view that liberals such as myself love so much to bring to the table.

I’m not unrelenting in this belief–if any feminist wants to provide counterpoints, I will be liable to listen to you with an open mind. I won’t be contrary for the sake of being contrary, or argumentative for the…

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