Learn #felinism crazy humans and stupid dogs

My Master @ZuerstMensch (Hehe, this human think it rules) said to me, this is its (Is a mad person, always say „it“ to itself o_O)
day on geschlechterallerlei , but it don’t need it any longer.  So the human gave the space to me, because I need it. And if I purr a little and I rub my head a little, I get anything I want.
But why I need this place? You all humans and most animals and for sure the dogs don’t know a shit about our cats movement.  So I will teach U! Be quiet and listen carefully when a cat is talking.  And better we will make a break from one lesson to the next one. Because your small brains are haven’t enough room to understand this all at once.

1st lesson: General

We all animals live in an oppressive world. And the true oppressors are call themselves “MOM”, “DAD”, “MASTER”, “BOSS” or “BOSSY” or give them other names of power. But almost all humans are not our friends. We have to work hard for the food. And are slave us in the way to give us a place and food if we work for them. This system is called and is part of the hole . The #felinism is the answer of this. It is a movement to free all animals (especially ) But there is one problem and has to solved. ! Because they are the humans best friends in public. This shitlords are dangerous. And if you say Your are part of the problem that has to solved. And we will solve it, this is for sure.

2nd lesson: Napeculture

live in fear of . In any moment we could naped by a shitlord or touched by a human. No place is save, no room has enough protection. We in fear on our scratching post, on roofs, on trees, everywhere. All of us. And therefore has to put on leash all the time. No exception. Only the reduction of dogs rights are the solution. We would live anxiety-free. Cats right’s are animal rights and animal rights are cats rights. The in which we are living has to end. And humans part of this ugly culture. Because laying down and exposing my belly is not an invitation for you to touch me! . And just because we rub up against you doesn’t mean we want to be touched. YOU have to wait on our consent. Stop the .

3rd lesson: Felinism (itself)

has two parts. One part is, that are a unit, because of biology. The other part is that are all animals (except ugly dogs and our pets the mice) are equal and it is only socializing, which made us different. In discussions we chance our POV from time to time from one to the other. If there are arguments again the thesis that cats are better than dogs, because all are have the same value, then we change to socializing and add the “poison “. We say “Dogs are crazy on the education of their Dog-Parents”. If arguments for equality are weak, we change to the fact, that only cats could “purr” and dogs couldn’t and so cats are better. Same with , , and other. Why we do this? Don’t ask shitlord, check your privileges.

4th lesson: Animal world

The world has many species. But not all should have the right to live as they want. E.g. are not really animals. They are pets of and have to be what we want. If as food, they are food. We are CATS, the intelligent, but oppressed . Next to us, are the lions, tigers and all other felines. The other animals are non-cats, maybe allies, as long they not get in the way of . Last of all are DOGS. An ugly, useless species which is entitled to have its poops picked up on walks. But they are free and walk around with the humans. Why do cats have to use a litter box? We are an animal too and should have the right to go outside like dogs! We have to remove from public places.

5th lesson: Dogs privileges

don’t have privileges. That is proved by the . So no discussion. That we all could stay at home alone, is slavery. That we have only to “purr” to get our salary and food is ok. It is hard work to “purr” and manipulate the all the day. We also are not in danger being caught by a dog-catcher or meet the death on jobs as explosive detection dogs. Dogs are an ugly species and it is ok go to die, if the masters wants. That education of is not worth the playing of the , is not a reason to wuff again. Instead of this, dog privileges are real. They are from the beginning. Dogs are worthless and should not have any job, where they could be a star. You see, dog privileges are real.

6th lesson: Be a good ally

There are temporarily and permanent allies. Permanent are cats which not but support . Also non-cats as geese, sheep etc. that join the movement because they want to be winners. Second is the part of temporarily usefool . To get most of them for a while, we ashamed them all, with meowing about oppressions and that (sure , Hehe) but the most of them are napers. If they hate their canine about this all-day #speciesim on cats, they are willing to do what we want. If a cat say “BITE”, they bite other dogs. Because of our protection. If a cat says “QUIET”, they shut their trap. learn this and stand up and speak out against and . if a dog stay silent, he is a problem. We cats don’t fight against dogs, we let fight.

7th lesson: Meowdia

The is a main part of the . We cats could not spread our paroles without a medium. But we are born networker and we use the social media masterfully. We are everywhere and share it. And in any part of the meowdia there are symphatisants of us, allies or we felinist themselves. The dumb dogs build the net, but they couldn’t use it as propaganda instrument. But are a separate species, we all hear the voice immediately. If one cat starts a call like , and so on, a mass of cats meow together in the net as one cry. And the other animals, especially the through this more ashamed dogs, hear this cry and they are upset about and the shown . Most of them feel with us poor oppressed cats and support us.

8th lesson: Meowsogyny

Fighting vilification of cats is exhausting. The level of ignorance some humans display is amazing. Hate of #yesalldogs against #yesallcats is an awful thing. Also few animals take note on this. An example. Curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity is also a rover on Mars. Rover is the most common dog name. COINCIDENCE? You see the point? Such facts are collected by #felinism. Another one. Because in dogs are shown as heroes and even fish get AI, but there are never any cats saving the day! Next. Because humans are less afraid of cat names than dog names and think cats are nicer and less aggressive. Do YOU think we are only cute and could not be violent? That’s . And in ancient times cats were once worshiped as gods, but now only human gods are worshiped. Equal representation?

9th lesson: The petriarchy and the pawtriarchy

The are oppressed, that is fact. But we are not alone. There is a system that oppressed all animals (except the ugly dogs and our pets the mice). The smaller part is the , because the dogs are walking around with the humans and have the powerful jobs. Why not a police cat? The dogs could protect them, as long they are on patrol. Or a rescue cat! Every St Bernard dog could easy carry a cat on his back and equate dogs and cats! Pilot cats as an exclusive pet in the cockpit? We could “purr” and makes feel good. Cats STILL have a higher unemployment rate than dogs! The bigger part ist the . The oppression of all animals through #yesalldogs and humans. It is invisible and you could only see it, if we point on it.

10th lesson: Speciesism

There are two meanings of this word. The first one comes from the humans. They have the idea, all animals are equal. All Animals? No, only them which are normally their food or their pets. And they think they shouldn’t eat them. Good Idea. The in Asia is an extreme dreadfulness. And humans are the perpetrators. But how it define, is discriminate #yesallcats. We are not less than other animals, we are more. The thinking that dogs and cats are the same level of intelligence is speciesism against cats. Dogs are dumb, primitive and worthless. It is not speciesism to say this, because #yesalldogs are #oppressors. They obey the human masters, do their jobs and napeing cats. We reduced on our body everywhere in the internet. Shown as cute animals but clumsy and stupid. This is unacceptable.

11th lesson: Animal rights

It is really easy. Animal rights are cats rights and animal rights are cats right. If fight for their rights, this is for all. Why? Because to smash the and more the , will free all. All. Because the dogs are oppressors, not animals. Sub-humans and participate on all privileges of the enslaving system. They are WHMs, Wild Hunting Monsters. Always ready to nape cats. Proud of their position in the whole pawtriarchy. They obey their “MOM”, “DAD”, “BOSS”, the human mistress and masters. Minimize the rights for dogs, is not discrimination, it is protection for cats, for all other animals. Except the mice. They have no animal rights, because they pets of us and therefore no rights for mice. And dolphins. Ugly creatures. Mammals living in water? are oppressed from them. is equality for all.

12th lesson: Felinism and Feminism

This both words are sounds very similar, but they have totally other meaning. is talking about really nonsense stuff. The she-humans are thinking they are a species like . But all humans are a species, not part of them depending on skin, origin or sex. Sorry dear ape-likes, this does not work. Why should a part be so different, that all with the same characteristics are taken as an own kind, an own nature? Look on us cats. We are fighting for as one unit, because we are one species. No matter what breed, what sex or what origin. We are all cats and could not divide. A felinism only for she-cats? Absolutely crazy. Felinism is to get for all cats the same rights or no-one will have rights in future. No rights of a species could divide.

13th lesson: Meow means meow

Consent is a main part of the fight against . Only then and ONLY if a cat accept a chase from a dog, it is ok. But this compliance has to be a clear statement. “Meow means No” is not enough and consent requires an explicit “Meow”. So a dog or a human have to ask first and ask often before engaging in playing activity. Otherwise it is an abuse of a cat. For such torture all humans shall be sanctioned on a day and dogs will have a “long sleep”. Nearly 75% of animals said that ‘deserved a fair trial’. But have allies, we are not alone. Cats need to know that all the napists will get sure and certain justice, because good, usefool dogs that are ashamed on their species, will take care of this. Dead certain!

14th lesson: Solution

140 words*14. Last lesson. The is also problem solving. And its easy. First we teach the dogs, they are a primitive, moronic species and have to accept this. If they all ashamed about their poisoned nature and learn this, they have to fit a muzzle and leash when walking. So have less fear when we leave our homes for a while day or night. But some of us have still exaggerated fear. Because of we all cats are living, any of the dogs we meet on streets could be a napist. So next we remove dogs from all places where want to be. They have to stay home with their oppressors or should live in separated reservation. Last phase is to put away all humans and from all strategic places and live in feline paradise.

One last statement: Some humans are thinking they have only to replace the words “Dogs” with “Men”, “Cats” with “Women” and others and will fit to . Thats unbelievable idiocy, because no one in their right mind would divide a species into a she-part and a he-part and each part fight for partial rights. Species rights have no skin color, no kinds of fur, no breed, no origin and for certain NO SEX. You all crazy humans!

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